Pierre Hubert

Pierre Hubert | PIERRE JUTRAS MANAGEMENTConsultant and trainer

Pierre Hubert accounts for more than twenty years of experience as a consultant in training and management. His forte in consultation, coaching, or personalized training is in the areas of human resource management and operations. Over the years, Pierre Hubert has built up a reputation as a specialist in the development of supervisory teams in Quebec.

Mr. Hubert has also worked for more than thirteen years in manufacturing where he held various managerial positions.

All these years of practice allowed him to take on various projects and to implement a realistic process that meets customers’ expectations. His achievements have benefited multiple clienteles and have enabled him to acquire the flexibility and the capacity required to effectively adapt to the needs of various stakeholders and participants working within small, medium, and large companies.

The implementation of all these programs has contributed over the years to refine his process and to offer companies an approach centered on the reason for being, business objectives, operational strategies, and human resource management.

Pierre is President of: «PIERRE HUBERT CONSULTANT INC.»