Strategic Development

Be strategic

The true intention of effective planning is not so much to develop plans but to change mental models … that policy makers have in mind.»

by Arie de Geus on efficient planning

Create a value added proposal

  • Resolve what upsets the customer.
  • Create a gain for the investor.
  • Define how to support your client.

Strategic Development | PJM Management

How can you become your customers’ first choice?

How can you earn the loyalty of your customer?

Where should you radically improve your performance?

Where do you significantly need to reallocate resources?

What must you absolutely cease to do?

  • What must you absolutely do in two or three years that you are not doing now?
  • What risks are you ready to accept?
  • What priorities can you meet at a lower cost than your competitors?
  • How much more is your customer ready to pay to achieve his priorities?
  • What set of priorities could you accomplish simultaneously in order to create/offer the best possible value to your customer?
  • How can you significantly increase the value you have to offer to your customers?