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Founded in 1984, the company has contributed to the success of its customers by the quality and relevance of its advice and its managerial interventions. The loyalty of its customers is in itself a testimony of its achievements. Their areas of expertise are strategic, organizational, and operational development. They act as a catalyst in a business philosophy/approach/process that contributes to the development and autonomy of their clients

All their consultants are independent and professional.

We are particularly experienced in creating a high performance culture adapted to large companies.

‘We believe in the effectiveness of lasting relationships based on trust.’

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Pierre Jutras, C.I.M., P.Mgr., C.Mgr.

Pierre Hubert

Mario Caron, Ing.

Louis Pagé

Richard Tesser, Ing.

Daniel Plourde, MBA.

Richard Adam

Gilles Ridorossi


Over 30 years

A team of independent professionals, competent and experienced


EMPLOI QUÉBEC    # 0004991

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